Rocanotherworld 2020 - The festival of firsts. In photos.

First festival after lockdown and for me, first festival after kids.

I haven’t been to a festival since I was pregnant with my first child.

Said child is almost 7 , so when the Rocanotherworld event popped up in my newsfeed I got excited.

5 days of awesome live music looked like the best thing that could have happened to me at that point. Live music. After lockdown. OMG.

Then I got very annoyed the whole thing was happening in Iași, so about 6 hours stuck in a train getting there, then 6 hours back..... I thought I’d just forget about it.

But it wasn’t that easy to forget, so we (my forever partner in crime Oana & I) kind of forced it, got tickets, booked train fares and accommodation and managed to get there for the last two days. Which meant Luna Amară & The Mono Jacks as headliners. We were happy :D

Got on the train saturday morning, read a bit, looked out the window while listening to music a lot and somewhere between halfway there and almost there we got used to the face masks too.


The place was amazing! We got to The Secret at around 7, read the rules, found our beanbag and my photo pass, got some beers and some t-shirts from the merch stand and sat down waiting for the gigs to start.

Everyone was wearing masks, social distancing and not dancing, but people seemed to understand this is what we have to do for concerts to keep happening.

Ana Coman

Ana Coman was the first one going on stage on Saturday night. Her voice is amazing, the music sooo soothing and her lyrics even more magical. I had her "9 missed calls" album on repeat that night.

Mr. Jurjak

They're a rockish - bluesish - wanna dance and jump at the same time kind of band. Personal favorite song "Vantul", so this is when I wanted to move. And I wasn’t the only one. Tho no one got up, people sang along and “danced” on their beanbags.

Luna Amara

Luna Amara live in Control was my last gig before lockdown and I am so happy I did not miss out on their first concert after almost 4 months. As a fan and as a photographer. The monster of a show they put on at this festival was so very hard to just watch... so there was a lot of headbaging while sitting down and the guys seemed on fire. My favourite part of the show was Tanagra Noise 🖤

Om la luna

Sunday night started with pure poetry and some very excited people to get up and play their music again. "Joy" was written all over them. Om la luna was the band I was going to watch in Expirat the day all the gigs got cancelled (very bad day).

Les Elephantes Bizzares

My first time watching them live and actually listening to them while knowing who they are. I've only heard their songs on the radio before and I had a few "oh, I know this" moments during the show :)

The Mono Jacks

They were happy and so were we.

These guys are magic when they get on stage together and I just can't leave the camera down for a second. So I was gutted I would have to cut it short and get to the train station.

"1000 de DA" is always a crowd favourite, but this time... well, I don't think there was anyone who didn't scream that chorus from the heart.

"Nemuritori" was the last song I heard before leaving and given the fact that a few silly incidents made us miss our train, I'm pretty annoyed I missed the end.

And we left without knowing our weekend will end back at the hotel. With wine from the minibar and looking for another train :D


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