love in the time of covid-19

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I never intended for this website to be anything other than a place where I can showcase my music photography, but since there’s literally no way of taking any gig photos at the moment, I’ll just start writing again.

To keep it art related, I’ll just try and interview some of my friends and see how artists are doing nowadays.

Luna Amara #dincercuri was the last gig I’ve been to.


We stopped going out for anything other than food shopping a few days before they recommended it in Romania and 7 days later we decided it was a better idea to come out to the country side with our friends Alex and Andreea and our kids. We’ve been here for 2 weeks now, keeping things as normal as possible for the little ones, trying to make music and vlogs and help out in the mini farm they have going on here.

Mental health

Life is hard for everyone these days and people cope with loss in different ways. For example, I had a couple of days when I couldn’t get out of my head at all. I couldn’t really cry and I was so very angry. I like to think I am out of the woods now, but I get these crazy moments when I listen to music or think about live concerts and I can literally feel the tears coming.

I‘ve had to pull myself (or be pulled) out of a few black wholes in my lifetime and this entire situation puts me on edge big time, but reading this article managed to shade some light on my darkest feelings and thoughts. hope it helps you too!

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