Interview - Titus (Grimus) - Life in the time of Covid - 19

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Titus is a good friend of mine from Cluj. We were hanging out as teenagers, spent a good amount of time going to ANSIS gigs before he started playing bass and joined them on stage.

And then Grimus happened and he’s still there 🖤

Check out the awesome music they make:

How are things your end?

titus: I`m currently stuck at home as everybody else. We`ve chosen to spend this time with a couple of friends and so, about 2 weeks ago, they came over end never left. We`re all good, still in good shape both mentally and phisicaly.


What do you do now you’re stuck at home and all your gigs got canceled?

titus: I`m still working. I`m one of the lucky ones who can continue working during this time. So most of my day consists

of the same routine as before, minus the weekends. So nothing has changed there.

What’s the most frustrating thing for you these days?

titus: I`m one of those guys who doesen`t go out very much except when going to a show, either my own, or not.

I don`t miss it, yet, but it`s been on my mind these last few days. I`m starting to feel the need to do something

about it.

Silver lining?

titus: I know this will be over soon. If not soon soon, maybe soon :)

Mental health

How’s your head?

titus: I`m still ok. Not much has changed for me, as I said, just the constant bombarding of news and headlines filling my head with nothing other than bad vibes. If i can manage to filter those informations out, I`m going to be fine.

Any tips on how to cope with the lockdown?

titus: I feel like, as simple as it sounds, the only real way to deal with it is to find a thing or two to do around the house. There is always something to be done. Cleaning, washing, laundry.

Spending time with your kids / family.

And after all that fails, just focus on an indoor hobby. Just do it so the time flies faster.

lockdown selfie:

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