Interview - Teodora Morosanu (Rockabella) - Life in the time of Covid-19

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We met at the album release party of Gloria by The Mono Jacks. We hugged (and that’s huge for me 🤣🤣🤣) cause, well, we really like eachother’s art and about a month later she was my first model for the #WomenWhoRock project. Also last photo session before all this happened and if it was the last ever, I’m very happy with the results and with how much fun we had.

She’s the singer of Rockabella and you can see her videos and subscribe for news here:

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What part of the world are you in and how are things your end?

teodora: I’m in Bucharest, Romania.

As far as I can see around me, people are practicing isolation and social distancing, people are protecting themselves and others, wearing masks and gloves.

We’ve been in isolation for about a month, only going out for groceries and strict necessities and pretty much all of my friends and family are doing the same.

My son attends his classes online and keeps in touch daily with his teachers and colleagues. He also FaceTimes his best friend frequently so he gets his required dose of screwy, infectious, kid humour.

We all know the difficulties of isolation so I won’t go into that. I will however tell you about the good things that have happened to us in this past month: we’ve spent a lot of time with our son, doing schoolwork together, watching movies, playing. My son & his dad spent half of last Sunday working on an art project together. Our lives are usually so hectic, this would never happen - we would have to wrap it up  in 30 minutes. Taking it slow was really fun and it forced them to communicate, argue a bit and laugh a lot. And they love the art they came up with.

My husband and I have spent more time together now that probably in the last year, working on projects together, making music, eating all our meals together. We’ve also worked out together - that’s another thing - I’ve kept up with my workout routine, 4-5 trainings a week, and my husband joined in too. So proud of him!

Food has gotten better too…having time to spend looking up recipes, cooking together, finding out what we like, trying new things. That’s been great too.

What do you do now you’re stuck at home and all the gigs got cancelled?

teodora: You’ve probably noticed, I try to focus more on the good stuff. I definitely miss concerts and travelling for gigs, but if that happens too much, you don’t have time to work on new music. So now, we’re spending all our time working on the new album. And it’s great to be able to take it slow and explore an idea until you find the magic.

Also, we’ve started doing the livestreams, which is great. I have no idea why we didn’t do these before. It’s so cool to get in touch with people who know our music and get live feedback from them. And it’s made me try some things I never would have before - playing my guitar for people, singing the raw songs, just the way they were written.

Aside from diving into new music and the livestreams, we’ve been enjoying our family time and have had the chance to reconnect with friends.  We somehow talk to our friends and family, more than before. It’s weird how despite having complete freedom to socialise, we used to do it so little.

What’s the most frustrating thing for you these days?

teodora: Not knowing when things will get back to normal or what that normal will look like. We’re working on new music and a new album but we don’t know how we’ll be releasing it. Not being able to play live with the guys is also frustrating and I miss travelling with them.

Do you find any silver lining in all this?

teodora: I guess you’ve noticed from my previous answers, I look for the silver lining all the time. There are some things I hope to hold on to, after we get back to normal - spending time with family, taking things slow sometimes, knowing the importance of going outside, being more considerate towards the needs of others. I think this time is teaching us a lot.

Also giving the planet a break is a good thing. Less emissions, less consumption. We’re learning, some of us at least, that we can make do with less luxury.

Mental health

How’s your head?

teodora: I’m doing ok for now. I do worry that maybe I won’t be doing as well a month from now, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I keep busy so not a lot of time to wallow.

Any tips on how to cope with the lockdown?

teodora: Work out!

Exercise, whatever, whenever, however little, move your body. Yoga, pilates, running in place, lifting water bottles. Take care of your body, it will mean so much for your mind as well. I have serious mood swings and worried that isolation will make them much worse, but exercising sweats out the negativity. Check out for at home workout videos.

Eat well! Nourish your body with the good stuff. Go veggie as much as you can! You need the vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Take time to cook your meals and savour them. Connect with food again and it will make so much difference.

MAKE ART! Dudes, art is a healer and everybody is creative. Get some paper and dab paint onto it with a sponge and you will have your own abstract wall art. Colouring books, decoupage, fucking needlework, whatever it is.

Art heals the soul.

lockdown selfie:

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