Interview - Luisa Cube - Life in time of Covid-19

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

I “met” Luisa this year on my birthday. We never actually met in person, hint the quote marks, but on my birthday I went to the album release party of ”Gloria” by The Mono Jacks for which she did the art work. Dot by dot. I was blown away, loved her work and added her on Facebook.

We only started talking a few days ago when I asked how she was doing because, well, she’s right in Italy.

Her artist page:

How and where are you? How are things your end? What’s your art?

luisa: This madness caught me right in Italy, Turin. We've been here for less than a year.

Until 6 weeks ago I had no time to miss Romania. Now I worry everyday about my family in Suceava, friends from Sibiu, Timisoara, Bucharest, and all over the world. It’s intense.

I paint and because these days I have very little time to devote to this joy, I decided to record this period by working some small "Stamps", as I call them. And then, with all this storm in mind, I started writing "Letters".

History as I see it, in stamps & letters.

I was planning to gather letters from literature as well. But now, seeing so many wonderful texts from special people I will try to adopt them with their consent and turn them into some kind of letters.

I think everything you do or think, good or bad, has an echo that always comes back at the right time. That's why I chose this theme. To have in writing / drawing what is floating in the air these days. For today and especially for tomorrow, for my children and why not, for my children’s children.

You can find them here:


What do you do now you’re stuck at home?

luisa: The first 3-4 weeks were a big mess. In my mind, in the children’s schedules and on top of that, I was stuck in.

So I looked at the problem, put it on paper and organised the whole thing.

So in the morning we go to school and kindergarten in the kitchen, we do sports in the living room where we also have the cinema, the museum, etc.

Then we go to the park, in the balcony.

And in the evening we go to the restaurant in the kitchen.

During this last week we had to be quiet because my husband is at the office in our bedroom where we moved a desk that Otilia lent him because she says that she doesn’t need it yet.

My husband knows better what the city, the store and the market look like. He tells me there’s a strange atmosphere, people keep away from each other and they stopped smiling. Pff long story.

What’s the most frustrating thing for you these days?

luisa: The unknown is really annoying.

Up until now I had some sort of orderly mess. I don't know what's going on and it annoys me. I do not know if this situation will move us back to Romania or who knows where. When you know you have to climb a mountain, you are getting ready for what that means.

I do not know how I would react if someone I knew died...

I think the most frustrating thing is that I can’t do anything about what’s going on. That I can't fix anything that happens.

That I can't even help my friends who are having a tough time.

I am aware than I can’t do much even under normal circumstances but any small step towards the goal can be like a seed that you put in the ground, then look after it and wait for it to grow.

How do you find the silver lining?

luisa: In the past I had two scares that seemed to prepare me for this. Then I saw my life changed radically. I was spared back then, but now I know for sure we’re gonna get out of this with bruises . We will have some cleaning up to do after this "party".

I think in such periods we redefine our priorities in life, we start thinking again about what's around us.

Different bipolar thoughts overwhelm me ... at this moment I still cannot clearly define what "the silver lining" looks like.

Mental health

How’s your head?

luisa: It’s a maze. I can only say that after I looked for "different" for so long, I realized that I'm not really looking for something, but the ultimate pleasure is the search itself.

I have painting, plastic arts in general to Find answers that lead to other questions, writing to put my research in order, reading to understand what it is in the minds of others, and music to model my mental states and some more combinations between these arts.

Any tips on how to cope with the lockdown?

luisa: I think the best thing, not just now, is to keep your eyes open and your mind ready to absorb information and use it with your heart. I think this is a time when we have to help each other more than before.

lockdown selfie:

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