Interview - Lee Farmery (Furyon) - Life in the time of Covid-19

My favorite band back in England was Furyon. Still is even tho they all moved on to do other things about 3 years ago.

Check them out: - I actually got a tattoo with lyrics from this song.

Lee was the drummer and we first met at a Slash gig in Brixton. He's a session player and a teacher and one of the funniest men on my facebook :)))

How and where are you? How are things your end?

lee: hi Cristina , yes I am fine as I've just opened a bottle of wine! Anti virus inside out is my moto ! I am on the south coast of England and all well currently.

What do you do now you’re stuck at home and all the gigs got cancelled?

lee: Yes currently all performances are halted in the uk till further notice . Within this time I am writing songs and delivering food parcels to those families in need which gets me out of home but i do need to be careful .

What’s the most frustrating thing for you these days?

lee: The most frustrating or annoying thing currently is online community spirit choirs .... if anything makes me a grinch then this is it 😂

Any silver lining?

lee: The silver lining is I am being more proactive with my playing and creativity !

Mental health

How’s your head?

lee: In recent years I have suffered with mental health issues but I believe dealing with that made me quite resilient with the current situation .

My tips for lockdown ..

1 , Only watch news once a day or this can depress you over time .

2, Do gaming and TV but set an amount of time .

3, find a creative streak .. music, art , writing etc ... you don't have to forge a career but it's good to use your brain .

4) if not that then learn something .language etc

5) have fun even if socialising on line with a load of beer 😂

lockdown selfie:

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