Interview - G aka Ghost aka Guilherme Aguiar - Life in the time of Covid - 19.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Guilherme Aguiar or Ghost, is this very awesome bass player I met back in 2009 when I was living in London and I was spending literally every Thursday night at the pub in Bromley. Bandeoke nights ❤️

He lives in North London, is a session musician, plays bass with Brainscape ( ) and lately, when all his gigs got cancelled, he started teaching music through Skype and you can check him out here:

I asked him a few things about his life and love in times of Covid-19 and we could call this my first ever interview 🎉


What do you do now you’re stuck at home?

ghost: I've always been quite introverted, I like staying home and is great having an excuse not to ever go out. In a way. The only difference now in my routine is that since my gigs were cancelled, two things happened:

I realised how much I need the gigs to actually socialize. I actually do like socializing and my gigs where the right amount of it.

And the second thing is since they were cancelled, I don't know how I'm going to pay my bills, so I started investing in teaching music online and I spend my time advertising and answering to questions and interviewing people and teaching.

I now have nearly 20 pupils. So this is what I do with my time off and I’ve never been so busy in my whole life.

What’s the most frustrating thing for you these days?

ghost: Two things are very frustrating.

First one is the fact that my girlfriend is in Russia and Russia’s borders closed on the 16th of this month and I have no idea when we're gonna meet again. She's not as much of an introvert as I am so she really craves contact. She's really suffering a lot with that and that makes my time a lot more stressful than it could be if I was on my own.

Second thing that’s quite frustrating is realizing that now that I can’t go out, I feel like going out. Does that make any sense?

Like, before I was just fine being home but now it's all in my head.

Now I feel like just because I can't I feel like doing it.

It’s like when you're on a diet, and you feel like eating more cake than you normally would.

How do you find some kind of silver lining?

ghost: Silver lining... I think I take comfort in the fact that the world might get better?! I think everyone is profiting from staying the fuck home, thinking about their life. The last time I went out to buy food I realised a lot more people are running, people never ran before and now everyone runs because is one of the only excuses they have to go out.

So I think it's kind of doing good for people's heads and bodies, in a way.

Of course some people will take it harder and it will be a lot more stressful, they will not face it in a good light, is a very individual thing. I take comfort in the fact that the world is clearly less polluted, in general.

I have never paid attention to how noisy my area (Southgate, North London) is. I had slept the night before with my window open so I woke up next day (first day of the official lockdown) and it felt like day ZERO of Doomsday.

I could only hear birds singing and I realised I don't really like people that much 🤣

So I take comfort in the fact that in this thing the world is less polluted and I think a lot of people are taking that hit to improve themselves.

For me personally, I think it's a good thing that I had to start teaching because I realised how much I enjoy it and how much money I can make when things go back to normal with the gigs and the teaching.

I also think the world can improve in some ways because a lot of people will be forced to find their own bread and butter without leaving home and that's going to reduce carbon emissions after.

A lot of offices, I do believe, will realise “why the fuck do we pay rent if we’re working perfectly with everyone at home?” so they might close down as well, which could bring the prices of property down and cause less emissions. So all of those good things could be considered.

In other hand, a lot of small businesses will break, they will close, and then the corporation will take over, so that might be a horrible corporate takeover, very hard to recover from in the future.

We don't really know which side we are heading, maybe both.

It’s all very exciting and scary at the same time.

Mental health

How’s your head?

ghost: I don't know, what does the fish know about the water in which they swim, right?

I really don’t know. Maybe I’m completely insane but there’s nobody else around me to look at me and go “Dude, you’re totally insane!” or maybe I’m just getting by.

I think I have it easier than most of my friend because I already had the structure to teach music online for a few months, so when all the gigs got cancelled it was very quick for me to start teaching more and I know now that I won't really need any grants or any help from the government.

That helps me not to panic.

I think I’m fine. I have a lot of conflicting feelings.

A part of me is really worried about the situation, the economical situation of my other musician friends and businesses that I care for and that I frequent.

A part of me is kind of excited like “omg, I’m in a movie, what is this?”.

A part of me misses my girlfriend a lot.

Another part of me is kind of relieved because now everyone is locking down cause it’s necessary.

I become angrier when I'm outside if I have to go shopping and people walk past me to close I feel like I wanna punch them in the face, but I’m fine, I think (he laughs).

I don’t know.

One thing that may be considered a mental health issue is all this cleaning that we have to do, it became obsessive and I think everyone is suffering from it.

I don't know how it's going to be once it’s all over. Is this gonna remain (a habit) for a lot of people? For me?

I live in a flat with 4 bedrooms. So it's me and three other people. One flat mate is stuck in Colombia because borders closed and he couldn't come back, so I have 2 flat mates. One that is a complete recluse, like me right now and the other one is a funeral director, so he's going to work and is always a liability. He has to. He’s a key worker. But we need to be careful when we use the shared kitchen and the toilet so it's something that’s... it’s weird.

Lockdown Selfie:

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