Interview- Doru Trăscău (The Mono Jacks) - Life in time of Covid - 19

We (my friends back home and I) used to listen to Doru’s old band (AB4) back when we were kids. A lot.

Fast forward 16 years, I somehow managed to miss out on The Mono Jacks while I was in London and on top of that, I only realised Doru was the AB4 guy the first time I saw them live, last year 😅 it just clicked.

The Mono Jacks. My Apple Music will say this is what I listen to the most. Their latest album is gorgeous. I absolutely love to photograph them playing live and if you’ve been to a gig you can tell why. If you haven’t, here’s where you can check them out:

Let’s see how he’s doing nowadays.

What part of the world are you in and how are things your end?

Doru: Technically speaking I am on the same side of the world where I have been most of my life. That is to say I am in Bucharest right now.

Metaphorically speaking, since the world has been upside down lately, I have a strong feeling I’m on the wrong side, feet up in the air, head hanging down.

What do you do now you’re stuck at home and all the gigs got cancelled?

Doru: Well.... I guess I’m thinking a lot and I am definitely passing through different stages.

It’s been more than four weeks since I made the decision that I will stay home and self isolate with my whole family.

I remember clearly that I made a conscious  decision that since I will stay at home I’d better write more and more songs. What better way to make this isolation work in my advantage?

It turns out I was completely wrong. I think I’m stressed beyond my usual level of stress therefore I hardly get in the zone. My zodiac sign says Taurus and they say that we are quite stubborn.

I will admit, I do not quit that easy and even though I realised that I was not in the most creative mood lately, I didn’t give up very easy. Until one day when I figured that everything I was saying to myself was nothing else than pure propaganda, the high achiever kind of bullshit. Sort of “make the best out of everything” and that kind of stuff. So I stopped dreaming about writing more and more, I actually quit doing that for a while. I am focusing more on reading, learning new stuff or just doing things different than I used to.

Who knows what I will be doing two weeks from now?

What’s the most frustrating thing for you these days?

Doru: The lack of a real perspective, the uncertainty, the fact that I don’t have even the smallest percentage of trust in our leaders, that I don’t see anyone to come up with a plan and that on a global scale we are definitely super stressed out. Because of that stress we have had a tendency to think in very, very, very small steps. When we think that way we actually narrow our vision, we lack the capacity of zooming out as we don’t get to see the bigger picture anymore.

Do you find any silver lining in all this?

Doru: “The hope is last to die, the first is faith”. These are some lyrics I wrote once. I consider myself an optimist. I, therefore, will continue hoping. I will not be defeated neither by Covid, nor by a stupid government. Nothing is forever so the isolation cannot last longer than that.

Mental health

How’s your head?

Doru: Some days my head looks really nice. Especially on those days when I’m washing my hair. Some other days I’m scratching the hell out of it. Joking aside, I’m sure we are all, more or less, getting the same vibe. After all, we’ve been sitting inside the cave for a month now and this fucking dinosaur is not willing to leave the area. It is frustrating even tough we know it is in our best interest to stay put.

I’m really waiting for the day when we have had enough, the day when we will go out and face the freakin’ monster. Cave man forever is not an option. We know that already.

Any tips on how to cope with the lockdown?

Doru: Love, sex, and gym. Did I mention music? In any order you like. The more, the better.

Lockdown selfie:

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