Interview- Alis Rožmberk - Life in time of Covid - 19

I’m not gonna talk about her art, she does that better, I’ll just tell you she’s incredibly cool, creative and very talented all around 🙂

Ig: @alisrosenberg



Photo by Andrei Apostol
Alis by Andrei Apostol

How and where are you? How are things your end? What’s your art?

alis: Hello there, I'm Alis and I'm fine, mostly busy in my house in Cluj-Napoca. Fortunately, the city I am in is less affected so there is less stress when heading out. However, we are allowed to go out only for necessities and always with a paper that states our business. I mostly stay at home and I advise everyone to do the same.

As for my art, I don't really see myself as an artist but rather as a creator. The latest has a wider scope and less responsibilities, haha! I create mostly fantasy pictures with my styling, looks and ideas, I create historically inspired clothing and as of late I also make music. Quite diverse, I know.


What do you do now you’re stuck at home?

alis: Now that I'm stuck at home I do have some extra time as I don't have to commute anywhere so that is good. I mostly attend classes and write academic papers and research, but I'm also sewing a new piece (which I will soon post) and prepare a new track. I'm very fortunate to have different devices that keep me busy.

What’s the most frustrating thing for you these days?

alis: Hmm, the most frustrating thing... This is a tough question, hahaha! While I am a bit annoyed by not being allowed to take a walk, and I feel that's natural, I am mostly frustrated with people that won't stay home, especially the elderly. I heard of people going to a shop four times in a single day out of boredom. It's really frustrating to see that some people still don't take this crisis too seriously and feel that this coronavirus is some conspiracy...

How do you find the silver lining?

alis: I think it's very important to find that silver lining no matter the situation, but as a general rule in life. If you are able to keep at it in times of peace, I'm sure that with a bit of effort you will be able to do it in times of unrest as well. As for me, I'm living a pretty balanced, peaceful life that is as such due to me keeping this lining in place. I highly think it's all coming from within.

Mental health

How’s your head?

alis: My head is full of ideas and I guess that's the best way for it to be. I'm also a bit stressed with my deadlines and how everything is going to work out with my university, finishing this year and so on. I was planning to go abroad for a master's degree but now that is a big uncertainty. All in all, I try to keep myself inspired and make the most out of the situation as I know this crisis ruined many plans, not mine alone.

Any tips on how to cope with the lockdown?

alis: On how to face this lockdown I can only say that you should keep yourself inspired and tap into your creativity as you have more time for this. Find a hobby, try and paint something, you might be good at it. Who knows? Your home should become your universe. Allow yourself to get lost in it, just forget there was an outside and a before. This is the best advice I could think of.

lockdown selfie:

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